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Big Data Engineering Coding Bootcamp is a Course

Big Data Engineering Coding Bootcamp


$4,750 Enroll

Full course description

Enroll today to reserve your spot in the Front End Development program!

Course Facilitators:  Promineo Tech

Course Length: Guided coursework completed over 26-weeks (participants work independently on their own time, but must meet during required class times). 

Course Dates: November 30th, 2023 - June 6th, 2024. Thursdays 8:00pm-9:30pm EST

Course Description: Front End Software Developers build the pieces of applications and websites that users see and interact with. This involves creating components that look good and provide functionality when a user interacts with them. It also involves interacting with Back End applications and displaying data in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


Course Breakdown:

Data Engineering Prerequisites:

Technical aptitude

  • Logical thinker

·        Comfortable with OS file system concepts

·        Experienced downloading and installing software

·        Experience working with data connections in Excel or other applications

·        Experience creating macros and functions in Excel or other application

·        Some exposure to programming is helpful but not required

Intro to Python for Data Engineering / Weeks 1-4

  • Python

·        Data Structure

·        Error Handling

·        Logic

Intro to the Cloud with Amazon Web Services / Weeks 5-9

  • AWS

·        RDS

·        SageMaker

·        AWS Glue

·        Athena

·        EMR Clusters

Intro to Hadoop and Distributed Computing / Weeks 10-12

  • Hadoop

·        Hue

·        Hive

·        Spark

Intro to Bid Data Ingestion in AWS / Weeks 13-15

  • Amazon Aurora

·        Ingestion in AWS

·        Amazon Kinesis

Building a Data Lake in AWS / Weeks 16-17

  • Storage Concepts

·        Data Lake

·        Amazon Redshift

Modeling the Derived Layout of a Data Lake / Week 18

  • Normalization

·        Data Modeling

·        OLTP vs OLAP

Building a Data Science Platform / Weeks 19-22

  • Notebooks

·        Jupyter

·        AWS SageMarker

·        Visualization

·        Elastic MapReduce

Building a Data Science Platform / Weeks 23-26

  • Capstone Project